Park place Website ReStructure & REDESIGN

Information architecture, light content strategy, web design for luxury automotive dealer-group; 2016

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Park Place was a multi-roof luxury automotive dealer group. When we took them on as a client, they had a labyrinthine website comprised of over 1,000 pages. The dealer group had over twenty roof-tops and represented 13 luxury automotive brands. In this project, we streamlined their content and re-designed their entire web presence.


  • Site Audit and information architecture overhaul.

  • Wireframe creation centered around more coherent content strategy.

  • Writing SEO templates based on SEO keyword recommendations.

Site Audit and IA overhaul
My coworker and I spent two days in a room analyzing and re-synthesizing content into a more streamlined version of the Park Place website. 

Creating Wireframes for Templated Pages
We then created wireframes for all of the main, templated pages such as main portal, dealership homepages, dealership awards pages, dealership service pages and automotive brand landing pages.

Homepage and Dealership Page Mockups
We created high fidelity mockups with content wells that would be adjusted per each dealer and the brands they represented.

Content Creation
Using an analysis completed by the SEO team, we wrote content for the dealership’s umbrella homepage, each individual dealership and individual dealership service pages that used keywords and a luxury brand lexicon that I generated.